Big Sister

Three years ago, I was sitting in this waiting room with my boyfriend of 4 months.  At 21 years old, I was pregnant and scared.  Neither of us want to have kids, so when we found out, the choice was pretty easy for us.  We are still together and now engaged.  But still do not want children.  I am now sitting here with my little sister.  It pains me to know that she has to go through this.  But I am glad I'm here to support her and let her know that I was once here too.  I think that has given her comfort.  I never told her about mine until now. (Not something I wanted my family to know) She is 18 years old, just out of high school and her boyfriend of 1 year left her to go to college in South Carolina.  The day she found out, I could cry for her, but won't.  She has always depended on me to be her rock.  So I will be!!  Good Luck Everyone!  I was scared too so is my sister.  It will be ok. And it's ok to cry.  Love Always some ones Big Sister who's been there too!


It's amazing the obstacles that are put in our path.  The past few months have been the worse in my life.  I lost my father in June and shortly after.  My boyfriend, whom I was living with broke up with me after disclosing the he had been cheating on me.  A week after I moved out.  I found out I was pregnant.  When I told him, his response was - not my problem!  I am in no position mentally, emotionally, physically or financially to have a baby plus I start school in a couple of months.  It's a hard decision, but the best for me.   Lori


I'm here with my best friend.  I'm here for support.  2 1/2 years ago I was here.  This probably is one of the hardest choices in life to make. I am now a mom of two and do not regret the choice I made.  To anybody and everybody reading this, don't be scared.  Don't fear that this will be your only chance.  Because it won't.  Life is full of choices.  You make your destiny.  No Regrets


Hey guys I know it's a very scary feeling.... your not alone.  Don't be afraid to express your feelings, I feel very comfortable now, at first I was nervous but after I actually speaking with all the staff here, they made me feel good, because they are not judging me, they really understand.  Anonymous


This place is so nice, all the girls are great.  They made me feel comfortable about being here.  They really talk to you and know me by name.  It's great , very relaxed here.  Thank You girls, your doing a great job here. Lindsey


 There is so much beauty in this world.  Cherish it for what it's worth and know the no matter the situation or the decision... It is what is right... FOR YOU !!!  Keep your head held high.  Spread love and joy and grasp the world with open arms and a firm grip because you are capable of anything and your power is infinite.  I am so thankful for waking up to this knew knowledge and hope that you can rest easily, knowing that you did the right thing.  Good Luck Caitlin


I am her with my younger sister today to help her make the right decision and get through this.  It was a very hard decision for her to make, but she knows in the end, it's the right choice!  She's young, still in school, without a job and has never had one.  This was the best decision for her future and the child!  We love her very much and are looking out for her! Stay strong, It's hard, but sometimes it's the best decision depending on the circumstances.  Anonymous


This is my 2nd time here with my child who is now 20 yrs old.  Both times has been her choice.  I pray to God that it will be her last.  I have not judged her, nor did I scream.. as I look back over my life I feel saddened that she must go through this.  I Love her more than life itself and pray that she realizes this .. tomorrow she will go thru with her termination and hopefully with the rest of her life. To become the Doctor that she dreams of becoming to help kids with problems.  The young man could care less as he's now dating someone else.  Because I am aware and know that God's blood is sufficient for us, we will leave here not guilty, but proud. Her decision, my acceptance..

To all of the staff, at AWWMC  words cannot describe how comfortable you've made us feel.  Thanks for making this environment supportive.  May God Bless & keep you all.